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Dear Coach, 

Our son attended the Vogelsinger camp in July 2017.  We are writing to tell you what a wonderful experience he had. He told us about you every time he called during the week. And during our long drive to NYC today, we had a chance to hear in details about his experience.  It is exactly for coaches like you that we, as parents, invest so much time, effort and money in our son. You have inspired him to work harder, to aspire higher and to believe in himself. He talked about the hard work and the discipline you instilled in them during this short period. Your words of encouragement and support when it was hard and your words of approval when succeeding. Our son admired your coaching and enjoyed every opportunity he had to learn from you.

We picked up a very happy boy from camp today and for that we are grateful.

Thank you for a wonderful week, and hopefully Asaf will have the chance to train with you in the future.
With deepest appreciation.

— Dana and Udi, Parents of Camper

"I recommend this camp to anyone. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The coaches do know what they are doing and it will help you improve a lot in your skills. If you listen to what they have to say and you put it to practice, you will improve like I did."

— Gabriel, Camper

"Vogelsinger took my game to the next level. I am not going to lie, it is terribly challenging but the friends you make and the fun you have make up for that. If you are going to go (which you should) I would suggest the two week camp. Not only do you get a week more training at the best soccer camp in America but you also get to create stronger bonds with your friends."

— Camper

"My son's skill and confidence level improved noticeably after one week at Vogelsinger. He respected the abilities of his coaches, was comfortable in the dorm and on the fields, and made good friends. He will attend again next year."

— Parent of a Camper

"It’s the best camp there is. The coaches are very well qualified and teach very well. It has been one of the best experiences of my life and I would return at any time."

— Camper

"My children love Vogelsinger. They come back more confident, more technically-sound players. They also love the chance to spend time with kids who love soccer as much as they do."."

— Parent of Campers

"Vogelsinger Soccer Academy is the best soccer camp I've ever been to! The amazing, intense workout and discipline made me a better soccer player and a better person in life!!"

— Camper

"My son did a week last year, wanted to do two weeks this year, and is looking forward to next year... He had very positive experiences both times, definitely better than anything else he has tried. There were a variety of coaches with great experience and the camp had an intense, balanced schedule."

— Parent of a Camper

"My two attended the camp and they love it. They live and breathe soccer and as one of them said camp is heaven. They get good technical training and, according to them, learn things that they previously did not know. They respect the coaches a lot also and know they care, even though they are hard on them."

— Parent of a Camper

"I loved the camp, I had a ton of fun for the two weeks I was there, and I definitely improved as a player, but also made some very strong friendships that I will carry on with me forever."

— Camper

"The keeper training was phenomenal. The coach did an incredible job working with my daughter and provided her with valuable skills that enabled her to participate at a higher level of play as a freshman in high school. I highly recommend the goalie camp to any keeper."

— Parent of Camper

"Vogelsinger is the best camp for serious soccer players, with intense training sessions led by world class coaches! The level of competition and fun is very high."

— Camper

"Both our sons attended a week-long camp and their skill levels improved tremendously. In addition, their enthusiasm for the sport increased as they found fellow soccer players (some international) with which they could discuss soccer strategy, past and future soccer programs, and soccer superstars to watch. Their coaches became their friends and mentors. They both look forward to returning to the Vogelsinger Soccer All Stars next year."

— Parent of Campers

"Vogelsinger Soccer academy is the place to go if you are a serious soccer player and if you love the game. It is a place where you go to get better, not to fool around and do nothing but to actually improve everything about you as a soccer player. The camp can be exhausting but by the end of it, you feel as if you were a step away from playing with Messi and Iniesta."

— Federico, Camper

"This was by far the best soccer camp my 12 year old son has ever experienced, and he has been to many across the island. I would highly recommend this camp for all soccer players of all ages."

— Jill, Long Island, NY

"Vogelsinger Academy is a great learning experience for all levels of soccer players. It is a fun as well as a fantastic environment mainly due to their amazing staff and coaches. Definitely a must for any soccer enthusiast!"

— Parent of Camper

"This camp was fun and you meet new friends. The staff was fun and enjoyable to work with."

— Anastasia, Camper

"Lots of one on one time by very dedicated coaches. I was exhausted by the end but very thankful for the experience."

— Camper

"Alan is an amazing coach he is really one of a kind. Vogelsinger did a great job of making me a better player and I really could feel myself improving during the week."

— Camper

"My son had an excellent experience and is looking forward to next year. He stated that he really liked the instruction and said everything was explained, demonstrated and passed on really well. The motivational attitudes of the instructors kept the camp fun and at the same made want to learn. Christian says thanks for everything and he'll see you next year."

— Parent of a Camper

"My son has improved markedly during each of the two years he has attended camp. The coaches and trainers are excellent."

— Parent of Camper

"This is my third time and my soccer skills have improved every time. I am happy to see old friends every time and to make new ones. I will surely come back."

— Camper

"I had an amazing time and I learned so much! It’s the best soccer camp I have been to, and I can't wait for next summer so I can go again!"

— Camper

"Vogelsinger rekindled my passion for the game and I feel greatly improved in each aspect of soccer. The camp helped me focus on some of the finer points of soccer that I had overlooked."

— Connor MacKenzie

"It was an amazing experience. I improved a lot. I was one of a few from another country and, for me, it was the best soccer camp I've ever been to!"

— Sergio Vega

"It was a great learning experience for me. The keeper training was excellent!! I had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends!"

— Amy Bingen

"Vogelsinger is the greatest soccer camp in the country. It is for the serious player only. What sets this camp apart is the coaches and the strict demanding schedule. The coaches at this camp are an all-star cast."

— Jasper Kirsten

"I had so much fun at the Vogelsinger camp!! I learned a lot and found the camp very intense. It was great. I had an AWESOME experience."

— Rachel Dalton

"Vogelsinger is the best soccer camp I have ever been to. The level of instruction was tremendous and the camp definitely prepared me for the season."

— Porter Grieve

"The coaches challenged me and were very positive. They demanded respect and a good work ethic, and helped me with my fundamentals and some of the more advanced kicking and dribbling techniques. This has been the best and most beneficial camp that I have been to!"

— Brenan M.

"We have sent both of of our children through Vogelsinger and highly recommend your camp to others. The technical improvement in striking the ball is great."

— Parents of Nick Petterson

"This was my favorite camp this summer and when I got home I could tell how much I improved. I can't wait to go back next year!"

— Paige Drive

"I loved how hard this camp pushed me. I think Soccerobics is a very helpful activity. The director was strict, but he was the best coach because he taught us the most. This camp got me in great shape!"

— Lindsey F.

"This camp was the most amazing thing I have been to all summer. My coach was the best, the director really pushed us to the limit. Every time I look at the Vogelsinger soccer ball it brings tears of joy to my eyes from all the great relationships I made while at this camp. I amaze people with my fakes I learned at camp. All the coaches were so much fun and everyone was so happy. It was the best!"

— Megan M.

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